Restore degraded soils

Agrinos believes that the role and importance of soil condition has been under-addressed in conventional industrial agriculture. Simply said, healthy soils promote healthy crops.

The use of mineral and chemical agro-inputs is detrimental to soil-based microbial / fungal ecosystems. Without a well-functioning ecosystem, agricultural soils degrade as their natural recycling and maintenance mechanisms either operate at reduced levels or fail to operate at all. When this occurs, the soil is no longer able to:

  • maintain adequate cation exchange capacity to support intensive land use;
  • solubilize sufficient minerals to satisfy crop needs;
  • recycle / establish soil organic matter levels required for the correct function of a microbial ecosystem;
  • maintain humus levels beneficial to optimal soil tilth and water retention.

When these critical soil processes cease to function normally, the intensive nature of modern agriculture depletes soils at an accelerated rate. To the detriment of long term agricultural productivity, this depletion results in:

  • the increased use of the same mineral and chemical agro-inputs that have contributed to cause the problems;
  • the degradation of the soil’s physicochemical properties.

A unique aspect of the HYT products is their ability to restore and remediate damaged or degraded agricultural soils. HYT A, in synergistic effect with the other HYT components, reestablishes a productive soil ecosystem that, over successive use, rebuilds a healthy, productive and fertile soil. With HYT, farmers are able to practice high performance agriculture while, at the same time, improving the qualities and properties of their land.

While HYT delivers short term benefits such as yield and fertilizer efficiency increases, the long term benefits of HYT use allow farmers to create a sustainable future for their businesses and further increase their agricultural productivity over time.

Please see the below example trial results pertaining to the effect of HYT on soil properties / fertility.


Third party trial results - HYT effect on soil properties over successive use


Third party monitored Agrinos trials - productivity impact of HYT remediated soils


Third party trial results - HYT effect on crop water use effeciency


Example results only - HYT product performance is influenced by external factors, results may vary.